The Dean James E. McLeod Writing Prize

Why the Prize was Created

The Dean James E. McLeod Freshman Writing Prize was created to encourage freshmen in the College of Arts & Sciences to begin engaging in research in the early stages of their undergraduate careers; to understand that scholarship is a creative form of expression that can reach others in real and meaningful ways; and most importantly, by fully participating in the process of research and writing, to see themselves as scholars in the making. 

Dean McLeod was a great supporter of intellectual engagement and the transformation that can occur when students immerse themselves in the study of subjects they passionately care about.  He also understood the power of individual mentorship and teaching.  

The Dean James E. McLeod Freshman Writing Prize provides first-year students and their teachers a framework within which to work together to produce significant and meaningful pieces of writing for possible publication.  It gives freshmen their first taste of writing for a broader audience and introduces them to research as a significant, valued, and valuable part of the undergraduate experience. 

Upcoming Events

Various campus locations @ 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Brookings Quadrangle @ 8:30 am

Our Mission

Jennifer R. Smith
Dean of the College

The College of Arts & Sciences celebrates the joy of discovery and the exercise of critical thought in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Advancing the values of a liberal arts education, we affirm that a full life is an intellectual, moral, and creative endeavor of meaning and purpose. Our goal is to develop our students by fostering resolve and adaptability, self-reliance and collaborative effort, humility and courage, a sense of tradition and a spirit of innovation.

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